10 Years: The spirit of Joe Strummer is alive and well in Strummerville

Joe Strummer | Strummerville 10 Years

This year is a significant year for family, friends and fans of Joe Strummer as it marks the 10th anniversary since his passing on Dec 22nd 2002.

We at Strummerville have been working hard to keep Joe’s message and music alive and we have been humbled by the level of support we have been shown over the years from all walks of life, social status and countries. You are all truly remarkable and we hope to continue with our work, and to continue bringing music and opportunities to people who might not normally have access to them.

It is our mission to keep the spirit of Joe alive and well, and we hope we have managed to achieve this. We also hope that we will continue to do so for many years to come, but as Joe said “Without People You’re Are Nothing” this means we need your support now, just as much as we did when our foundation was first born.

We would like to raise a glass to all the gig organisers, bands and people who will be dancing, singing and partying in honour of Joe this weekend. There will be fundraising benefits gigs being organised on our behalf to help raise funds for our foundation and to honour the memory of Joe, which we are truly thankful for. These gigs are being hosted in Japan, Germany, Italy, Greece, France, United States, United Kingdom and recently in Australia. If that isn’t proof enough that the spirit of Joe is still alive and well around the world then we don’t know what is.

It is with great pride that we, Strummerville The Joe Strummer New Music Foundation, would like to say a massive thank you to EVERYONE for the past 10 years. Here’s to the next.

Wherever you are in the world keep safe, keep warm and keep music alive.

Peace to all.

Strummerville x

  • Jota Jazz

    ¡Gracias por todo Joe! El mundo te necesita, pero tu legado continua.

  • http://www.thelifeagency.net Angus MacDonald

    A thoughtful and reflective Xmas to Joe’s family, friends, and everybody reading. The 22nd of December puts a reality check on the 25th for me; just a reminder to keep that flame of humanity burning bright, come what may. Thanks Joe !

  • Alistair Grant

    Joe continues to be as much inspiration now as he was in his heyday…Strummerville continues that great work. Listening to Streetcore right now and it sounds as fresh as it did in 2003.

  • Mike Steer

    I’ve spent the entire day listening to Joe’s music and reading the history of The 101′ers, The Clash and Joe’s solo work…there isn’t new music being released that can fill the void left when Joe passed, despite some artists whose work I like very much. Every day is better with a bit of Joe’s work playing in my iPod, in my car or on the stereo at home!! I’ll be out tomorrow night with fellow Joe Strummer fans at The Electric Owl in Vancouver, listening to bands play tunes that Joe had written and performed. I think Joe would enjoy the spirit!!

  • http://flickrjohnsb2012 John Barnes

    Spirit of Joe alive and well today in Joe’s beloved Bridgwater and floody surrounding villages. The experience of the floods has been a powerful one bringing people closer together which is what Joe wanted (people closer together bit not the floods!) . Its sad I never met Joe after moving here in 1997 in my first job as a psychiatrist. I feel sure that he would want to get more involved with the job of getting creative with the people I work with who are my patients me and other staff to build on creativity , the essence of life and contributing to the regeneration of Bridgwater. If he were here I would also be reflecting with him about the need for culture change in the NHS to fully protect its spirit of kindness and caring. I will be taking my old clash vinyl (LP and single not vinyl punk jacket!) to the wards tomorrow and telling the Strummerville story to spread the good news and add to the Christmas cheer too. Its so helpful for people isolated by mental illness (like anyone else!) to be touched by the “kind inspiration” that Joe embodies so well. I expect further good things to happen in Joe’s memory in Bridgwater in 2013. Happy Christmas everyone. johnsb43@btinternet.com

  • http://richdugdale.blogspot.com/ Rich Dugdale

    I think of you often. I’m 51 dealing with cancer and I often watch videos of you and the band. I saw the Clash twice in my youth and I thought you guys were the best ever. The only band that ever mattered!

  • mitch rice

    Joe is still changing lives. Here’s 9-year-old Hannah Alper’s blog post on The Clash’s Joe Strummer – One of the first Eco champions in music: http://www.callmehannah.ca/2012/12/22/joe-strummer-one-of-the-first-eco-champions-in-music/.

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  • Gary in Detroit

    Wow. 10 years.

    My boys London (Calling) and (Guns of ) Brixton are now in middle school and know all about how Joe changed the world through his music, his lyrics and his example as a man.

    And as Barry said, Joe was indeed one of the nicest musicians I ever met. He always took the time to meet every fan and that is something I really admired about him.

    Peace, Joe. We will always remember how you made us better people.

  • martyn

    RIP. Thanks for changing my world and making it a better place.

  • trevor fisk

    joe really did change peoples lives and my attude to life.god blees you.keep up the good work strummerville and please can we have another stummer of love.

  • http://desordenpublico.net caplis

    10 years without JOE STRUMMER…I listen to the CLASH almost every week, and forever it will be a fountain of the best inspiration to make music, to work, to fight for a better world, for living…
    THANKS forever John “Woody” Mellor, the GREAT JOE STRUMMER, and thanks to the people in Strummerville, thanks to the Clash…

  • yves boujard

    les grands hommes sont immortels, Joe en est un. RIP

  • Mick

    Im a musician and inspired by Joes Legacy When he died I wco wrote a song called our lives. it was in tribute to him. Im known as Carmick and on bandcamp and facebook. I miiss Joe and I was at a tribute gig in sheffield last weekend raising money for strummerville Keep Rockin Joe wherever you are. Joe Stummer the legacy continues. Love to all his fammily too

  • tobbe

    This is Stockholm, Sweden calling. I wish you happy holidays.
    Take care!

  • anotherJoe

    There’re still dropping lots of bombs on the minarets…
    Fukashima meltdown should’ve been expected..
    Occupy XYZ was almost exclusively a white riot…

    R.I.P. to the very prophetic Joe Strummer.
    10 years ago today. Damn…

  • Bod

    R.I.P Joe
    You were and still are a huge inspiration for me and many, many others

  • Andy

    Can’t believe it’s 10 years God bless Joe and thanks for everything.



  • Tomi

    Nunca te olvidaremos!!!! Viva Joe!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    Raising a glass and smoking a big fat one, rip Joe. Thanks for the memories.

  • Tony Fiddes

    From the first time I met Joe in 1977 to the last in 2002 he never strayed from being ‘A Man of the People ‘ – 10 years on and the love and respect for him just gets stronger !

  • John Baston

    “Aging punks are still getting misty-eyed about the Clash gig at the old Newcastle Polytechnic that decended into a near riot” quoted from ‘No Ordinary Joe’ by Jeremy Robinson. I personally remember the gig well… jostling in the tide of the audience, slithering around on a sea of cans, beer, plastic cups and those unfortunate enough to have lost their footing, mesmerised by Joe’s energy and the power of the band… ‘ooh ooh ooh have we done something wrong? Ooh ooh ooh complete control, even over this song’

  • lorraine

    Joe was my inspiration as a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s he changed the way i saw the world…i went on to have four daughters all of whom were called joe strummer in the womb..eventually i got my joe..my grandson..rip joe..my hero..love love xxxxxx

  • Roy

    the future is unwritten!

  • eddy

    Miss Joe all the time at least we’ve got his musical legacy C City Rockers forever.

  • Andy Forbes

    Great Job people, Joe would approve. Merry Christmas to you all. X

  • Antonio

    It seems like yesterday but ten years passed: Joe and his spirit will never die!

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Belgraphix-Studios/129690710419584 Barry Belotti

    One of the nicest rock musicians I have ever met. I miss him. Keep up the good work Strummerville. Happy New Year.