Organising your own event is one of the main ways that people can get involved and support us. To find out how to donate to us and help support the work we do here please click here →, all donations are greatly received and really help us to continue our work.

Organising a fundraising event

Most events that are organised take the form of gigs or concerts, but our supporters fundraise in all sorts of ways, from running marathons to sponsored Music-a-thons. Best of luck with all your organising and we hope that the night goes well!

Before your event

If you’re planning an event, get in touch at to let us know what you have planned so we can advertise it on our website. Please leave plenty of time before your event to do this.

Promotional text

If you want to explain what we raise money for, we can send you a paragraph about our mission, or alternatively you can use the text that is on the website.

Guidelines for publicity

The Strummerville name and reputation are very precious to us, so we just have a few quick rules and guidelines about how you can use our name and logo in relation to your event.

All publicity materials (eg, artwork, fliers, poster, line up etc) must be sent to for approval before they are released.

Use of our name and logo – We are very happy for you to use our logo on your publicity, but it must be clear that the event is to raise money for Strummerville, not organised by us. The main consideration is that the name ‘Strummerville’ should not be used in the title of your event, as this can be confusing for people attending.

Strummerville logo can be used at bottom of fliers and posters but should not be too large or used as the image for the event. Please email us to get a copy of our logo. Your publicity materials must show the following phrasing wherever you use our logo – “Raising funds in aid of Strummerville: The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music. Strummerville are not involved in the organisation of this event.”

On all publicity, it is a legal requirement that you state that Strummerville is a registered charity and display the Registered Charity Number – 1104165

Our Requirements

Strummerville WILL NOT be associated with any events that ….

  • >Contain any fascist, racist or discriminatory content.
  • >Use the Strummerville name for commercial gain
  • >Promote violent, aggressive or intimidating behaviour

For more information on how to organise a Strummerville event in your own town with local bands, in order to raise money for the charity, please

download our Fundraising Guidelines

download a print quality Strummerville Logo

Thank you and GOOD LUCK x