The Backhanders

The Backhanders - Strummerville DIY

The Backhanders - Strummerville DIY

Manchester band The Backhanders consist of: Stephen Chadwick, Pete Clarke, Matty Owen and Ashley Taylor.

The band were formed 6 months ago and have to date played only a handful of gigs with great success.

Their first gig at Academy 3 sold out within days and since then they have gone on to support Twisted Wheel at the Kraak Gallery sessions which took place last month.

With local radio stations picking up on the early demo track; ‘Memory Lane’ (including Terry Christian’s N.W.A. Show giving it regular airplay).

The band also made it on to John Robb’s list of bands to watch in 2014. They have just come out of Blueprint studios where they recorded 2 tracks, ‘Down by the River’ and ‘Campfire’, a song inspired by and dedicated to Joe Strummer after they had received a photo album from Joe which included random lyrics underneath the photos.

The Backhanders then added their own words to come up with ‘Campfire’.

With some high profile dates getting ready to be announced very soon, are The Backhanders the Band Manchester has been waiting for…?

#FENDERBUSGIG Bands Announced!

FenderBusGig - Poster Strummerville

FenderBusGig - Poster Strummerville

Today we can announce the winners, picked by Fender UK & ROI & Transport for London, of the #FENDERBUSGIG competition.

Let’s introduce the finalists who will be joining Lower Than Atlantis and Arcane Roots on Tuesday 19th August, Castlehaven Rd, Camden, NW1 8QW [google map]

Bare Hunter

A 3 piece dirty, heavy, psychedelic blues trio living in the heart of London –

Violet Bones

VIOLET BONES are a 4 piece garage rock band from Cambridge, UK –

One these lucky bands will have the chance to win a limited edition Fender Routemaster Stratocaster, only 25 in the world! The #FENDERBUSGIG is a free event with no ticket required.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all the bands who entered in to the competition and a special thank you for Fender UK & ROI and Transport for London for putting this event together!

New merch on the store!

New Strummerville Merchandise - Support Strummerville

New Strummerville Merchandise - Support Strummerville

We’re very pleased to announce we have some new merchandise on the Strummerville online shop!

Click here:

Here’s the new items we have listed:

  • A Permanent Record signed photo book by Julian Yewdall – Photos of Joe Strummer with The 101ers/ Clash / Latino Rockabilly War/ + The Slits
  • Joe Strummer Spiel Poster - A2 poster by Tom Fozard of Joe’s spiel heard at the end of ‘Future is Unwritten’ by Julien Temple
  • Strummerville Glastonbury Tee 2014 designed by Shepard Fairey from an original Kate Simon photograph – we have some with Glastonbury 2014 on the back and some without. The kids are black and the adults are charcoal grey and are made from re-cycled cotton and polyester
  • Strummerville Campfire Glastonbury 2014 Tee designed by Alex Cox

All sales goes towards raising funds for Strummerville | The Joe Strummer New Music Foundation (Registered Charity #1104165) and allows us to continue with our work. Thank you to Julian Yewdall, Tom Fozard, Shepard Fairey, Kate Simon and Alex Cox who have contributed to our new merchandise.

Music Moves Mountains Foundation & Strummerville Benefit

MMMF Strummerville Benefit - Austin Texas

MMMF Strummerville Benefit - Austin Texas

MMMF / Strummerville benefit concert set for August 22nd at The Continental Club in Austin, TX to raise funds for a special needs music scholarship.

Austin, TX USA – The Music Moves Mountains Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization offering music as a means of therapy and recovery, is joining forces with Strummerville (Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music) to present a music scholarship for a special needs performing artist or band.

To launch the fundraising efforts, the two charity organizations will host a benefit concert on Friday, August 22nd at The Continental Club in Austin, Texas. The evening will feature Austin luminaries Kevin McKinney & English Teeth, Colin Gilmore, Les Débauchés, Larry Seaman, MaryAnn, and The Painted Redstarts.

There is a suggested tax-deductible donation of $20 (cash or credit) at the door. A silent auction will offer collectable items including an iconic print of Joe Strummer by legendary Rock-n-Roll photographer Bob Gruen. This special evening begins at 9pm, the venue is ages 21+, non-smoking, and is located at 1315 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78704, PH (512) 441-2444.

The Music Moves Mountains Foundation was launched in 2012 in response to the lack of resources in the community for music therapy, music education and related services. MMMF teamed up with Strummerville to raise funds for a non-traditional music scholarship for a special needs artist or group as part of its “All Abilities Rock” program.

Joe Strummer was the leader of The Clash and The Mescaleros, and his passion for music and humanitarian work around the world has been an inspiration to MMMF. Strummerville is a registered not for profit charity that was set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death. Strummerville gives opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects that create social mobility through music (Registered Charity #1104165).

As organizations who share similar missions, they are in search of others who want to join in their partnered effort to raise funds for this special scholarship. They are now accepting applications from qualified musicians who would like to be considered for the sponsored scholarship. Applications can be downloaded at

For more information on The Continental Club, please visit For Music Moves Mountains Foundation, visit Strummerville are not involved with the organisation and management of this event.

COMPETITION: Win a Routemaster themed Fender Stratocaster

Win Routemaster Fender Stratocaster - Strummerville

Win Routemaster Fender Stratocaster - Strummerville

To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of two design icon’s – the Fender Stratocaster and the Routemaster bus, Strummerville are launching a competition for three lucky unsigned bands to win the chance of playing on the Fender Routemaster bus ahead of its maiden voyage on the legendry “24” Rock N Roll route.

On 19th August, the Fender Routemaster bus will stop in Camden and three bands will perform in front of music industry experts, who will decide the winner of an exclusive prize – one of only 25 in the world – a Routemaster themed Fender Stratocaster.

Terms and Conditions

  • Entrants must be over 18
  • Entrants must not work for Transport for London, Strummerville or Fender
  • Entrants must be available on 19th August 2014 between 3.30pm and 6pm
  • Winning 3 bands will be announced on 15th August 2014 by email & via social media

Help us spread the word:

Strummerville Take Over The Bimble Inn at Glastonbury 2014

Glastonbury 2014 - Strummerville & Bands

Glastonbury 2014 - Strummerville & Bands

A big shout out to all of our bands for showing the love at Bimble Inn at Glastonbury 2014. You did us proud. Gemma Rogers and the Milmen, The Din and The Sleaze

Also thanks to Pistonhead Lager for providing the fuel.

Strummerville Campfire at Glastonbury 2014

Strummerville - Glastonbury 2014

Strummerville - Glastonbury 2014

This year we moved the Strummerville bandwagon to Clapps Ground, In between The Common and Block9 as we just needed more space! We will, as ever be bringing our traditional campfire, good vibes, great impromptu music and lots of love…

We also be took over the Bimble Inn stage on Saturday – which was located at The Park with the following bands & running times:

Gemma Rogers and the Millmen 5pm

The Din 6pm

The Sleaze 7pm

Strummerville Djs onwards! Use #StrummervilleGlasto2014 or #Glasto2014 on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – we’ll share your posts!!

The Strummerville campfire continues the legacy of Joe Strummers’ campfire community at Glastonbury where people can come to drink, talk and laugh with some like-minded individuals.

Joe Strummer will be forever immortalised within rock’n’roll history. He channelled attitude and purpose with great punk-rock anthems to become a voice of a generation. His words and The Clash’s music still influence a generation of young musicians who want to make music with something to say rather than just be one of the crowd. Strummerville aims to maintain this legacy, allowing young musicians with the opportunity to play gigs, get their music heard and help share the spirit of Joe for years to come.

Strummerville set up the camp and lit the fire, the people came along and keep it burning.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this year one of the best!


A Riot of Our Own: A Symposium on The Clash

A Riot of Our Own: A Symposium on The Clash - Strummerville

A Riot of Our Own: A Symposium on The Clash - Strummerville

We are excited to be supporting, alongside our dear friends Oh Yeah Music Centre Belfast, A Riot of Our Own – A Symposium on The Clash which will be held in Belfast, June 20-21, 2014.

There will also be an event organised in conjunction with Oh Yeah Belfast – ‘A Night of Treason‘ – to raise funds for the Strummerville Foundation.

The enormous cultural influence that The Clash have exercised over the last four decades has found reflection in many spheres but not, strangely, in that of popular music studies. While academics have devoted considerable attention to a great many other, arguably less important, bands, they have had remarkably little to say about The Clash. This symposium represents in part an endeavour to redress this particular, curious silence. A Riot of Our Own will bring together academics, journalists, photographers and musicians to examine the enduring influence and abiding controversy associated with The Clash. It is hoped that the event will constitute an engaging and critical attempt to shed light on both the cultural legacy and contemporary resonance of one of the most influential bands that there has ever been.

For more information on A Riot of Our Own – A Symposium on The Clash please visit the website where you can find out about accommodation, how to get there and how to register.

Contributors to the event will include:

  • Caroline Coon (artist, writer, manager of The Clash from 1978 to 1980.
  • Professor David Hesmondhalgh (University of Leeds, author of Why Music Matters)
  • Chris Salewicz (author of Redemption Song: The Definitive Biography of Joe Strummer)
  • Adrian Boot (photographer who took the iconic shots of The Clash touring Belfast)

About the organisers:
You can contact the organisers of the event here: – A Riot of Our Own is organised jointly by the Department of Sociology, the National University of Ireland Maynooth and the School of Sociology and Applied Social Studies, the University of Ulster.

Strummerville Fundraiser
A Riot of Our Own is supported by the Oh Yeah Music Centre Belfast and by Strummerville. The symposium will be raising funds for Strummerville: The Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music. Strummerville are not involved in the organisation of this event.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape 2014 - Strummerville

The Great Escape 2014 - Strummerville

If you are heading down to the seaside for The Great Escape 2014 then you could do worse than checking out of few of our acts performing at The Dr Martens Van. Times below. Come and say hi!

Thursday 14.30 Francobollo Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road

Friday 16.30 CuT Brighton Unitarian Church, New Road

Saturday 14.30 Rex Domino The Doughnut , East Street Bastion

Our good friend Nick Cave is also throwing an afternoon of amazing acoustic acts on the Friday from 12.

The Facebook Event

This is in aid of Strummerville

Meet Narasirato from The Solomon Islands

Narasirato - Strummerville

Narasirato - Strummerville
[Photo credit: Jason Mayall and Narasirato]

We would like to introduce to you Narasirato – a band from Solomon Islands who we helped to record their first record. Great music that we know Joe would have approved of. We also sent over a bunch of Strummerville t-shirts and we caught up with Jason Mayall, organiser of Fuji Rock Festival, who is their international manager for a Q&A (follows below).

Here is a video of the band performing “Hisiha” and two tracks for you to enjoy.

Inoni Ana Totoraha (Man of culture)

Pori Pori (Dub mix) Nick Manasseh

How did you come to find and then work with Narasirato?

I was invited to the Australasian Worldwide Music Expo in Melbourne in November 2009 Narasirato were the one band that I found interesting and unique and I had the urge to book them for Fuji Rock summer 2010

With great difficulty I reached out to their managers in Honiara, Solomon Islands who got them on the boats and planes Narasirato played 9 performances at Fuji that year on many of the smaller stages, the audience fell in love with them and were in awe of their bamboo music. We had a camera team accompany them from Tokyo airport and filmed them throughout the festival.

I personally was blown away by their shows, their modesty and humility and the stories of where and how they live. Deep in the rainforest with no electricity, no phones, no roads, no shops. I was intrigued to see for myself

Where has the journey taken you so far?

So in November 2010 I returned to AWME and detoured home via The Solomon Islands Melbourne to Brisbane to Honiara, wait 3 days for a freight vessel, 23 hour journey to Malaita province and up the lagoon to Are’are land you then enter the Mapurupuru river and canoe up the mangrove swamp, followed by 15 minute hike through the pristine rainforest.

I was treated to a welcome fit for a king, with conch shells and panpipes. We feasted and talked and drank coconuts, I fell in love with it all immediately. The reaction to seeing their documentary film from Fuji Rock was pure amazement and I couldn’t believe that the most of the women and children had never seen a laptop, TV or video before.

The band asked that I be their international manager, so armed with the Fuji Rock film and field recordings from the village I set about helping them achieve their goals.

How have Strummerville helped?

We released an EP “Tangio Tumas” of the live recordings from Fuji and Oterama, and with the support of a small grant from Strummerville were able to bring them to Glastonbury festival in 2011 where they played on 7 stages including Strummerville’s.

In the two days following Glasto they recorded their full length studio album “Warato’o” which, when released in 2012, received great reviews. Both these CDs have the Strummerville logo as I’m sure Joe would approve.

Are there any plans for them to visit our shores anytime soon?

Since 2011 they have performed in Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Germany, France, Portugal, Norway, Holland, Belgium, Korea and Japan.

Fingers crossed we can find the support and festival offers to get them over to Europe this summer

What do you have in the pipeline and is there something we should keep an eye out for?

There is a brand new album “Inoni Ana Totoraha”, translates as Man of Culture, out in June. Recorded in their home village under the ageing roof of the culture house on October 29th 2013 then mixed in the UK by Nick Manasseh. The band have come a long way musically and are ready to take the world by storm.

For more information contact Jason Mayall and visit the bands website – thank you.