Strummerville Music Room at Tilinanu Orphanage in Malawi

Delighted to share photos from the opening of the music room at Tilinanu in Malawi.

As there is no formal musical education in schools our music room opens up door ways that Tilinanu never dreamt of before, as well as benefiting the local community too!

Not only were local builders, carpenters and suppliers used at every level, they also put on live shows and offer lessons to benefit and integrate the community.

Teaching has already started at the centre with a donated keyboard as well as 30 recorders, to compliment the many locally made instruments the building houses.

The girls voices echoed out over the entire village and surroundings! The style of the building means it is a great teaching space as it enables a cool, light area to run classes in the red hot sun, but also as rainy season comes it is well sheltered and ventilated.

Local singers and band members within the community have offered their time to teach on a regular basis and put on performances part of helping Tilinanu become self-sustainable.

We were honoured to be able to help this wonderful project and thanks to everyone who has helped us help them.

One love,

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  • Strummerville

    Hello Barbara,

    Thanks for the quick response!
    We are no handling the volunteer packs ourselves but you can apply and request all the info buy filling out this form on the their website –

    Thank you,
    Strummerville x

  • Barbara Keenan

    Woukd love to get involved can I get a volenteer pack please