“As a DIY band starting out you don’t need a record company, you don’t even need a management company. You just need Strummerville. They have helped us out and advised us a lot over the last year. Never did the work done by a charity more befit the spirit of it’s founder!” – Gaoler’s Daughter

“I’d say in a general sense how good it is to feel part of a community of musicians when, at the moment especially, the music industry can feel really fragmented and exclusive. Personally, the help Strummerville has given us in putting on our own DIY events has been huge, especially in supporting the tour we did. And that’s the thing about Strummerville’s support, it is unique because it has no commercial agenda- it puts you in charge and let’s you get on with it.” – Real Fur

“Strummerville came along at the perfect time for us. We were really starting to feel that the grafting might never pay off until Strummerville provided us with a foundation of support and a bit of funding that helped elevate us out of, what felt like, the never ending live circuit in London. Strummerville paid for our first recordings and have continued to help us through some really hard and also really amazing times as a band. Hence the reason we have dedicated our EP ‘Young Light’ to the foundation. I think its probably the most important thing to happen to the underground scene of under signed bands yet.” – Sarah Nimmo

“Strummerville is one of the most important organisations helping upcoming British artists today. Big believers in Joe Strummer’s do-it-yourself punk attitude and with heaps of faith in young talent, they have been fantastic help and great friends over the last year. They invited us to play their stage at Glastonbury, hooked us up with the right people for the release of our debut record, and apart from everything else they’ve done for us, their advice and experience has been invaluable. Long live good music, long live spreading its word, and long live its biggest supporter, The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music.” – The Joker & The Thief